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I ship Priority which is 2-3 day delivery once shipped. For product info please contact me @

I do not accept returns. 

If product/s is damaged during transit product/s is covered by insurance, you'll have to file a claim with USPS. 

If products is returned to me because of incorrect address you will have to pay shipping costs to have it re-shipped. ~ 


Do Contain NUT OILS. If you are allergic to nuts I recommend not purchasing. Disclaimer: I will not be held accountable for any allergic reactions that may come with using my products! 

Please make sure to email me to make sure none of the ingredients you or your child are allergic to.

 If you use my products you use them at your own will therefore I will not be held accountable. 

Products are butters which means with high temperatures they can melt and with low temperatures they can firm. If products melt during transit place in refrigerator until it firms than you can re-whip it with a oil to get the fluff and fullness back. If it's to firm just re-whip with some oil to get the fluffy cream back. 

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: If you would like to purchase please contact me first so that I may calculate your shipping first, Thank you.

Due to USPS raising shipping costs all shipping options will increase by 0.50 cents by January 28, 2019! Each Container is $12 Minus The white Chocolate which is $16. I just add the shipping/handling (Priority) fee into the price on page. Hope this clears up the confusion. :)

Princess Diva's Styles was created as a facebook page to share pictures of Diva. Than it became our Name when I started selling our shea mix. The reason behind my shea mix is I was creating other products before it to try and help with Diva's eczema on her scalp. They worked & than I came across shea butter from a friend and I decided to create my own butter and it was amazing on Diva's hair & gave her soft and shiny hair and helped with growth. I shared her pictures on fb a lot of her hair & other people wanted to know what I was using. I told them our routine and what I was using and even how to make it. But they still kept asking me could I please sell it, So that is what I did and they love it. I'm happy to help others and I love making things may it be hair products or tutu's & bows.